Pink TV Awards 2014


Hey Guys! It’s that time of year again, Ritz and Glitz and awards!! As with all of these events, they would stop working if we didn’t have the support of people like you, who are at the end of it, the ones that make or break a movie!

Pink TV have put some of my Alphamales up for the following awards;

Best Foreign Movie -

Best Director - 

  • Snatched – Blacky Mendez and Ashely Ryder

Best Top -

Best Bottom - 

Best Duo - 

So now it’s down to you, to keep the best productions coming, make sure you cast your VOTE HERE and let them know that you like what you see!

Maybe i’ll see you on the red carpet!



Enforcement – Sam Bishop and Bruno

It’s Sam’s first day on the job and he meets suited Bruno Fox at the abr as he goes through the night’s rota. Getting this young rookie dressed in the right gear, the shirt is black, the tie is black and Bruno’s about to show him exactly how to impress the senior doorman! Pushing the younger Sam back onto the bar, the two bearded fuckers rub their stubbled faces together as they kiss hard and wet, pulling on each other’s crotches until both are fully hard, as hard as the muscles beneath their shirts. Bruno doesn’t waste any time in climbing on the bar and pulling his thick shaft out in front of Sam’s face, who devours the slab of meat instantly! Stripping off their uniforms quicker than they put them on, Sam’s furry ass is in Bruno’s face and his tongue is probing deep; it needs to for his dick is about to plunge even deeper and wider! Sam’s a hot hairy bottom who loves taking dick from his superior, first impressions are everything, and Sam’s given the best he can! The sweat dampens these hairy chests and abs, mixing with streams of spunk and leaving Sam with his first job of the night, to clean himself, and the bar

Check it out for yourself at the Alphamales Store! 

Enforcement 1Check it out for yourself at the Alphamales Store! 


Coming Soon – Enforcement

Alphamales prides itself on hot movies, hot guys and hot sex! Enforcement is the latest movie being filmed. Filled with stiff dicks, hairy guys and hungry holes you will be satisfied that these guys are some of the horniest fuckers around, all performing for your pleasure! 3-03







Model of the Week – Alfie Stone

Alfie StoneHairy muscle pup Alfie sports some great inkings on his perfectly sculpted body, from his big chest, down his prominent and lickable abs right to his thick uncut cock hanging low between his legs! As soon as he gets hard the picture is complete and this hung top fucker takes no prisoners, not that they would be complaining anyhow!

Check Alfie out in Balls Deep!



Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Guys!

The Eurocreme Group Easter Egg Hunt is BACK!

Search through Alphamalesstore between the 18th and 25th April 2014  and find 5 Easter eggs. They’re dotted around various products and look something like this-

Once you have found them all, email me with a list of where you found them, its as simple as that!

Egg 1 colour/ Location =

Egg 2 colour/ location =

Egg 3 colour/ location =

Egg 4 colour/ location =

Egg 5 colour/ location =

1 x 1st Prize – 100$ to redeem at Eurocreme Store, Travel Wallets and a bottle of 9×6 Lube

2 x RUNNER UP PRIZES of 25$ to redeem at Eurocreme Store, Travel Wallets and a bottle of 9×6 Lube


Good Luck

Trojan x Easter Egg Hunt 2014 Terms and Conditions.

By entering this competition, you have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.

This competition is open to adults aged 18 years and older.

The 3 winners will be chosen at random by an independent adjudicator from all correct participants clearly stating where all 5 ‘eggs’ were located on between 18th April and 25th  April 2014 emailed to

The prize winners will be selected and announced on Wednesday 06 May 2014 via

The winners will be notified by email. The adjudicator’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. If the entrant is drawn as a winner and the e-mail address provided is invalid then another winner will be chosen at random.

BulldogXXX Wins at the UK Porn Awards

Bulldog, the Eurocreme Group’s fetish focused studio got the golden stamp of approval from industry peers at the Prowler Porn Awards held in London, UK MG_0208_resize It was a night London has been waiting for for years.  The great and good, and of course bad, from the UK porn world descended on London’s Soho district as Millivres Prowler Group hosted the eponymous and inaugural Porn Awards. MG_0206_resize

It’s been a very long time since the UK industry has been credited in this way, and the atmosphere was tense as the hosts reeled out nomination after nomination before giving Bulldog director Ashley Ryder the words he was longing to hear.

Drilled“It was an incredible experience to hear my film called out across the room, especially after joining the EurocremeGroup just over a year ago and being given free-rein on my all-time favourite studio, bringing it back from the ether and smack bang into the forefront of modern fetish “ Ashley tells us in an exclusive interview, “I cannot thank all the staff at Eurocreme, or of course the brilliant models that were brave enough to face the star of the movie (a giant dildoed fuck machine) and compete with one another about who can take it harder, faster and crank it up to the max.  it was a real pleasure to film and to have this award has made my  career to date that much sweeter. Thank you everyone!”

This award wasn’t the only one to credit the EurocremeGroup, with CEO and sadly retired porn-star Trojan Rock collecting his lifetime achievement award.

Trojan, aka Gavin told the cheering crowd: “It’s a real honour to be recognized in this way, with my team behind me, and the years I’ve spent working hard and playing harder!”  He added “After bringing the EurocremeGroup together with the studios Alphamales, Eurocreme and now the internationally renowned Bulldog under the same stewardship back in 2012, I’m stepping back and letting the new MD Steven Chinnery take the lead after working within Eurocreme since 2006 himself, alongside his team, Marketing Manager and film director Lee Redpath, Artistic Director Andy O’Neill  and of course Porn Star turned Director Ashley Ryder!  They are amazing guys and it’s awesome to see them having fun making movies.”

What more could be said, except be sure to check out the BEST FETISH FILM ‘Drilled’ available in HD download from alongside all the other fresh and freaky Bulldog studio releases!

Trojan Rock gets a Lifetime Achievement award


Trojan Rock scooped the most prestigious award last week at eh first annual UK Porn Awards. Winning the lifetime achievement award  Trojan was among  the European elite from the industry and hailed as one of its greatest successes! MG_0266_resize

Catching up with Trojan we got a few words form him –  ” It is great to be recognised beyond my achievements as an actor, which I loved, I really wanted to create a studio, or as it happens now – a group of studios – that deliver quality adult content. Not an easy task in this “download and steal” era, so I am immensely proud to have received this award.

Despite appearing to pick up my award, I am keeping a low profile and no longer appearing in the films or in public. Concentrating on the business side of Porn is now much more exciting to me. It must be age. Seriously, I am leaving it for the young(er) studs and that’s why the highlights of the last twelve months have been watching the talent behind Eurocreme, Alphamale and Bulldog grow. The group of companies has the best team in the Managing Director Steven Chinnery, Marketing Manager and film director Lee Redpath, Artsitc Director Andre Toscano de Oliveira and of course Porn Star turned Director Ashley Ryder! They are amazing guys and it’s awesome to see them having fun making movies.

In the next twelve months I am going to be on board for more business, more campaigning…more fun, and more importantly more fantastic fuck filled movies.”

The Eurocreme group is so proud of Trojan and all he has accomplished! May he carry on for many more yearsMG_0064_resize

Model of the Week – Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly

Handsome hairy hunk Rich Kelly has a gorgeously bearded face, tight hairy torso and a delicious dick we all wish we could ride!  This vers fucker is happy either working his cut dick into the nearest available hole, sliding in to an already occupied one, or raising his furry ass high and getting rammed hard, perfect by any stretch!

Check him out in his latest “Check Mate